Suggested Vendors for Office and Home Office Supplies

Suggested Vendors for Office and Home Office Supplies

(always consider that every tool has a digital version, less objects means less mental noise, declutter your desktop and go simply)

Notebooks (if you just need “note paper” consider asking around for one side only printed documents)

Pens, post-its etc (consider buying quality refillable pens or wooden pencils, use trello instead of a physical blackboard and save post-it)

Cleaning products:

Airone Verde, Morbegno (SO)

Food and snacks:

Airone Verde, Morbegno (SO)

Preferred Local Vendors

Accountancy and work Safety:

Studio Amministrativo Tributario, Milano

Studio Magnani, Milano

Valrisk, Delebio

Food and cleaning products:

Airone Verde, Morbegno

Officina della Terra, Pedemonte

Giulia Canovi, Berbenno

Software, Hardware and Office equipment:

Magnetic Media, Milano

SLware, Sondrio

Maker srl, Berbenno

Spazio Domus, Talamona

Retesì, Sondrio

Cristina del Re, Milano

Paolo Rossi, Sondrio

Ardea, Sondrio


La Fiorida, Mantello

Il Dosso Maroggia, Berbenno di Valtellina

La Brace, Ardenno

If you find any good integration feel free to add to this page.