Taking care of the environment

Hiring a farmer

mondora has a policy whereby for every 20 employees, the company hires a farmer to work the land and grow organic produce. There is a clause in all work contracts from 2017 onwards that states the joint responsibility of the company and the employee to ensure that this policy is upheld. We hire farmers because we believe their work is extremely important: without farming we would not be able to nourish ourselves, live a healthy life and get our work done!

Environmentally friendly workplace

Wherever you choose to work from, it is important that you practice environmental stewardship. We invite you to always recycle paper, plastic, glass and compost. Clean your home office with non-toxic products and use sustainable stationery. You don't need any printed version of documents, so you are invited to be 100% paper free.

We encourage everyone to follow these practices.

Purchasing from sustainable business

In the first place, for purchasing home office material, we suggest you check on the website of Bcorp: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp?query=office

We also suggest you some companies that distinguish themselves in the field of sustainability:

For tips and ideas on how to be more eco-friendly check out our Pinterest board “Green Office Ideas”.

Corporate travel

We try to limit corporate travel by choosing video conferencing whenever possible. However, sometimes it is necessary to travel and meet people in person. When travelling we all (starting with the CEOs!) prefer economy class for trains and flights, and Airbnb apartments or small family run hotels for overnight accommodation. This is because we like to help the local economy, wherever we are staying.

No Flight Zone Policy

In order to increase our environmental stewardship from 2021 we will not charge customers for travel expenses (except for non-standard situations). Everyone is encouraged to try to avoid traveling to customers.

Suggested Vendors for Office and Home Office Supplies